Deborah Robinson, creator & curator of Deborah's Closet, is an award-winning journalist, author, producer, documentary filmmaker, tv personality, and serial entrepreneur. Deborah's life’s passion and purpose are to seek and communicate truth through her work in the media. MORE ABOUT DEBORAH


High school was all about what we wore. Sherry, Celeste, and I: Three best friends rocking purple hair, angora sweaters, and skinny jeans. We were the fashionistas of Central High School. We shared everything: homework, secrets, and clothes. Each school day started with the morning call to see who was wearing what. Then came the ask: “Can I wear your Gloria Vanderbilt’s today?” We would borrow from each other’s closets whatever we needed to make each day’s outfit complete and perfect. If we couldn’t find the perfect piece to complete our outfits, I would borrow clothes from my sister’s closet. Her closet was a treasure troll we all cherished and enjoyed.

Today, my love for clothes has grown my personal closet to nearly 300 pairs of shoes, more than 200 pairs of pants, and hundreds of dresses, skirts, shirts, coats, and accessories.

In 2017, using my personal wardrobe, I opened the first Deborah’s Closet in Little Rock with the concept of BLESS. BORROW. BUY. We carried items that were brand spankin’ new, pre-loved, and beautifully battered. I wanted to BLESS women in need with outfits for work and special events, allow women to BORROW outfits and bring them back for other women to wear and enjoy, and when I needed to make room for my latest purchases, I allowed people to BUY items and have them for their personal closets.

We are now expanding Deborah’s Closet to locations across the United States where women can continue to experience the fashionably elegant and high-class lifestyle the Closet offers. Deborah’s Closet reflects and encompasses every part of your life: business, social, active, and personal. You’ll find unique items for HER, HOME, and HIM.

Every item in Deborah’s Closet is exclusively sourced and curated by me - for you. I only choose items I love, would wear, and would buy for my personal closet. While I love going to market to buy for Deborah’s Closet, many items in the Showroom Closets were found while personally shopping boutiques and specialty stores around the country for something to wear for on-camera interviews, business meetings, or events. They are one of a kind finds that I loved so much, I bought them - especially for you. I want to connect with women who see the items in Deborah’s Closet as perfect as I see them – and want them for themselves. Perfect for me. Perfect for you.